Privacy Policy

1 Privacy statement for SingTham

Last updated: 13.04.2019

We at Hosting-Group Co., Ltd. (org. No. 0-2055-46015-37-1, "SingTham") are concerned with safeguarding your privacy in accordance with current regulations. Through this Privacy Policy, we want to give you a better understanding of what personal information we collect about you, what we use it for and what rights you have.

The tender square is the manager of the activities for the activities described in this privacy statement. If you have questions about the statement or you want to exercise your rights, please contact us:

support [a]

202/158-159 Moo 9
20150 Chonburi

033 12 42 40 (09-18)

2 What the processing of personal data entails

Personal information is any information about an identified or identifiable natural person. If you are a natural person, such as one of our users or a contact person at one of our suppliers, all information about you will be personal information.

The Personal Data Act applies to all processing of personal data. In short, a treatment is any matter with personal information. This may, for example, be the collection, storage, use, disclosure or deletion of personal data.

3 What personal information we collect and what we use it for

3.1 Dissemination of assignments SingTham provides a communication service where users can post an ad on a job they want to do. SingTham conveys the ad to suppliers, who can choose to offer the user an offer. The user chooses whether and which offer he or she wishes to accept.

Both users and suppliers must create a profile to use the dissemination service.

Users enter their name, postal address (including post office), telephone number and email address. In addition, the user provides information about the assignment by filling in a headline and a description of the job in a form on the website, as well as by selecting a general assignment category and, if desired, uploading photos and attachments. We ask that users only provide such personal information as is necessary to submit the tender and fulfill the mission. The purpose and legal basis for processing this personal information are to be able to fulfill the agreement with you that you can use our tender submission system.

Suppliers who want to create a profile must provide the company name, organization number / VAT number, contact information to the contact person, address, telephone number and an email address. All suppliers have a public profile. The public profile is available for users and for other suppliers, as well as for SingTham. The profile shows basic information about the supplier. SingTham also uses this information for billing purposes. In this case, we register personal information about the contact person at the supplier. If the supplier is a sole proprietorship or equivalent, information about the supplier may also be regarded as information about the owner of the sole proprietorship, and consequently as personal information. The purpose and legal basis for processing this personal information is our legitimate interest in providing our brokerage service to the vendors, keeping in touch with them and billing them for the service.

3.2 Reviews

You have the opportunity to post a review of the completion of the assignment you submitted to us. It is voluntary to post a review or not.

If you post a review, you get a choice whether you want to publish it with full name or anonymously. If you choose to remain anonymous, SingTham will not pass on or give access to your personal information to third parties. There will only be employees of SingTham administration who will have access to this. If you choose to publish the review with full name, the discussion will be published on the SingTham website.

The form for submitting reviews has a free text field. We encourage you not to provide any more personal information than is necessary to disclose the Service, including the failure to provide any identifying information about any individual who has performed the Service.

The reviews serve several purposes. SingTham can use the reviews to assess whether the suppliers are serious actors. In addition, the reviews are useful for other users when choosing between different suppliers. Our legitimate interest in promoting these purposes is the legal basis for using and possibly publishing the reviews.

3.3 Marketing

We want to keep you informed about our services. You can sign up for our newsletter. We use your name and email address to send you newsletters. You can also follow us on social media. If you choose to follow us, we can see the name of your user profile in the social media. We use this information only to keep you informed of our services.

The legal basis for processing personal information in connection with our newsletters and social media is your consent. You can withdraw your consent at any time by following the unsubscribe procedure specified in the newsletter by ceasing to follow us on social media or by contacting us. If you withdraw your consent, it will not affect the legality of processing your personal data on the basis of your consent before withdrawing it.

3.4 When contacting us

You can contact us by phone, post, email or contact form on our website if you have questions, want help or want to give us feedback. We will then see the contact information you use to contact us (eg name, email address, phone number). In addition, we use the information you provide in connection with your inquiry. We ask that you do not provide more information than is necessary to respond to your inquiry and that you avoid giving sensitive information as far as possible.

The legal basis for this use of personal information is your consent and our legitimate interests in improving and developing our services. To the extent that the use of personal data is based on consent, you can withdraw your consent at any time by contacting us. If you withdraw your consent, it will not affect the legality of processing your personal data on the basis of your consent before withdrawing it, or the legality of any other reason-based consent.

3.5 Web analysis

SingTham collects information about visitors at This may include information such as your IP address, what you click on when you visit the page and how long you are on the page. See also section 3 on cookies below. The purpose and legal basis of such collection and use are our legitimate interests in compiling statistics, and using the information to improve our services.

4 More about cookies

Cookies, also known as "cookie", are a piece of data in the form of text or binary data that users can receive from various websites visited. These are stored locally on the user's hard drive. The purpose is that the web browser should be able to handle personal information from different web servers on the web, such as identification and tracking of user navigation. Using cookies makes it easy for programmers to handle, for example, user preferences.

SingTham uses cookies to recognize people who have been on the website before and to save information about settings after logging in to "My Page". The legal basis for using personal information in connection with cookies is our legitimate interest in further developing the functionality of the website, so that our website becomes more user-friendly and customized. To this end, the following cookies are used by the following companies:

Google Analytics

You can reject or delete cookies through the settings in your browser on the device you are using. However, it may result in certain services not being available or operating as intended.

For example, for more information on how to avoid or delete cookies, see

5 When we share personal information

When posting an assignment via SingTham, relevant contact information will be communicated to relevant suppliers in our database that correspond to the industries / counties that are stated in the request. Beyond this, no personal information will be communicated or distributed to partners or third parties. Personal data will be provided to public authorities when this follows from statutory duty to provide information or information rights.

6 Your rights

You have rights in personal information that applies to you. Which rights you have varies from situation to situation. You may, for example, have the following rights:

You always have the right to complain about our processing of personal data about you to the supervisory authority. In Thailand, this is the Data Inspectorate. However, we ask that you contact us before submitting a complaint to the Authority.