Terms of Use


Hosting-Group Co., Ltd., org. No. 0-2055-46015-37-1, 202/158-159 Moo 9, Nong Prue, Bang Lamung 20150 Chonburi ("SingTham") operates a digital communication portal on the website https://www.singtham.com/ ("The Service"). You must accept these terms and conditions to be allowed to use the Service.

2 Responsibility

SingTham does not have control or responsibility for the content published by advertisers or other third parties on singtham.com and via links, and has no responsibility for such content.

The service and its contents are available "as is". There are no guarantees or promises to the content, availability, function, usability or the like in connection with the Service. You use the Service at your own risk.

To the extent permitted by Thai law, SingTham, its representatives and employees are not liable for any loss or damage, either directly or indirectly, that would arise in connection with your use of the Service.

SingTham is not obliged to engage in any conflicts between two or more users of the service or between users of the Service and any third party.

You shall indemnify SingTham from any claim and dispute against us from third parties as a result of your use of the Service.

3 Intellectual property rights

SingTham has full rights to trademarks, logos, trade names, domains, know-how and other intellectual property rights related to SingTham and the Service. SingTham's intellectual property rights cannot be used without written approval from the SingTham.

4 Requirements for use

You must use the Service in accordance with the applicable terms of use and applicable law, regulations and practice at any time. One of processing the personal data on the basis of the consent before withdrawing it.

You shall not use the Service in a manner that is punishable, unlawful, harassing, false, harmful or discriminatory or infringing on the rights of others. You should not use the Service to damage, interfere with or destroy the Service's functionality or security systems.

5 Suspension, exclusion and deletion

SingTham can temporarily or permanently close access to the Service. Temporary closure may, for example, occur during a technical upgrade.

In case of suspicion of breach of these terms, SingTham may temporarily refuse you to use the Service. If it turns out that you have violated these terms, SingTham can decide to permanently exclude you from the Service.

6 Web analytics

SingTham will process personal information about you to the extent necessary to offer the Service and its contents. The processing of personal data is described in more detail in the SingTham's privacy statement.

You are solely responsible for ensuring that personal information you provide in connection with the Service is accurate and up to date.

SingTham does not have control or responsibility for privacy practices on advertisers' and other third-party websites. SingTham therefore encourages you to always familiarize yourself with the external services' guidelines for this.

7 Changes

SingTham can make changes to these terms and conditions and in the service's content and functionality, for example. as a result of changed possibilities in the SingTham's technical infrastructure, that subcontractors change their offerings and conditions, or by changes in framework conditions from public authorities. Any applicable terms and conditions of use can be found at singtham.com.

SingTham will notify significant changes, as far as possible, at least one month before it enters into force. By continuing to use the Service after the changes have come into force, you are deemed to have accepted the changes. If you do not accept the changes to the Terms, you are not entitled to continue to use the Service.

8 Dispute resolution

The terms of use are governed by Thai law. Any disputes between you and the Public Procurement Court shall be solved amicably between the parties. Chonburi District Court is the venue.

You always have the opportunity to contact SingTham with your complaint to dispute@singtham.com.

9 Contact information

Inquiries regarding the Service or the duties and rights that follow from these Terms of Use can be directed to the tender square in the following ways: Email to info@singtham.com, by post to Hosting-Group Co., Ltd., 202/158-159 Moo 9, 20150 Chonburi, telephone 033 12 42 40.