Frequently Asked Questions

Most importantly, by using SingTham, you will get a price from several suppliers and you can choose the ones with the best service and price.
You do not pay anything until you have a quotation that is acceptable to you.
No, you only pay if you have received a quote that you can accept.
No, this is free.
  1. You pay a fee of approx. 10% of the total amount for the quotation to SingTham. This can be paid by credit card, internet banking or directly to our bank account. If paid directly to the bank account, please send the receipt to This fee is deducted from the total amount quoted.
  2. Before the provider starts the job, you need to transfer 30% to the provider’s bank account. This information will be visible on your offers page after you have paid the service fee.
  3. When the job is completed to your satisfaction, you pay the final 60% to the provider’s bank account.
We are constantly adding more providers in various categories that meet our requirements. Please feel free to suggest a category and a provider for this category.
SingTham offers a service where you can get a free estimate without paying a fee up front. SingTham only charges a fee once you have received an offer that is acceptable to you. In order for us to ensure we get paid for our service, it is essential that we do not share contact information. To avoid any misunderstandings between contractor and provider, we encourage you to write your request as detailed as possible and using a correct language and spelling. You can also supply your request description with images to make sure there are no misunderstandings.